Marex 370 ACC again Winner

of European Motor Boat of the Year Award 2011.

Marex 370 ACC has got more presscoverage than any other boat. Now the boat is the winner of the Motor Boat of the year Award 2011. 370 AFT Cabin Cruiser has won allmost all prices in the trade press and boat shows Awards, and the boat has dominated the front page of eight boat magazines the past year. Now comes even more honor and glory to Marex. The acclaimed Boat magazine Motor Boat and Yachting and Motorboat Monthly has awarded the Marex with the title european Motorboat of the year 2011. This time in the "Trawler Yachts and aft cabin category. The award was presented at the London International Boat Show in January 2011.
The verdict : Once in a while, a thorough re-examination of boaters\' needs produces a boat which is completely out of the ordinary, yet still works exceptionally well in all the conventional ways.


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New Marex 320 Aft Cabin Cruiser

Marex 320 Aft Cabin Cruise is under development.
The success continues….
The new Marex 320 Aft Cabin Cruise is going to have many of the same solutions as the successful big sister Marex 370 Aft Cabin Cruiser. It will have walk around deck, large aft Cabin, pantry in cockpit etc

LOA: 9.99 m 32 fod.
Beam : 3,30 m
Engine: Single Diesel approx 300 HP .
Cruising speed : 20-25 Knots
Top speed 27-30 knob.
Berths: 4-5.

For more information please contact.
Espen Aalrud

European Motorboat of the Year 2013

January 2013
The winners of IPC Media’s 2013 Motor Boat of the Year (MBOY) Awards were announced last night at a gala ceremony at London’s Savoy Hotel. The event attracted over 200 invited guests including representatives from the world’s biggest boat manufacturers and sales companies, together with marine industry VIPs.
The awards are voted on by the technical teams from Motor Boat & Yachting and Motor Boats Monthly, and any boat nominated had to have been tested by one of the magazines before January 2013. . Now in the seventh year, the awards are firmly established as the motorboating industry\'s ultimate definition of excellence in design, innovation and manufacture.”
Carl Richardson, editor of Motor Boats Monthly, and Hugo Andreae, editor of Motor boats and Yachting, presented the awards.
Marex won the prestige award European Motorboat of the year 2013 for the Marex 320 Aft Cabin Cruiser.

European Powerboat of the year 2013.

Press release 21.01.2013
Marex makes makes a clean sweep in Europe.
Last night the Norwegian boat manufacturer Marex won the prestige’s prize European Power boat of the year 2013 at the Dusseldorf International Boat show.
The expert jury consisted of editors form the following boat magazines: Barche a Motore (Italy), Båtliv(Norway), Boote(Germany),Marina(Switzerland), Neptune (France) andYachtrevue(Austria).
Marex received the award for: Marex 320 ACC. The boat that was launched in 2012, and won the award for its unique solution and cabin space, excellent performance and beautiful lines.
Marex has in the previous week also won the other prestigious award "European motor boat of the year" in London

Sėkmingai įgyvendintas UAB „MAREX BOATS“ eksporto plėtros projektas

Sėkmingai įgyvendintas UAB „MAREX BOATS“ eksporto plėtros projektas
2015 m. rugsėjo mėnesį UAB „MAREX BOATS“ sėkmingai įgyvendino projektą „UAB „MAREX BOATS“ eksporto potencialo didinimas“. Projektas finansuotas iš Europos regioninės plėtros fondo lėšų.
UAB „MAREX BOATS“ garsėja puikiais laivais ir gamybos meistriškumu už konkurencingą kainą. 2013 m. ši kompanija buvo įvertinta vykusioje parodoje Duseldorfe (Vokietija), kur jų gaminamas kateris „Aft Cabin Cruiser 320“ pelnė Europos motorlaivio vardą.
Pastaruoju metu įmonė daug resursų skiria eksporto plėtrai. Viena iš pagrindinių eksportą skatinančių priemonių – dalyvavimas užsienio parodose. Įgyvendindama projektą įmonė sėkmingai sudalyvavo septyniose vienose žymiausių šios srities užsienio parodų: "Boot Dusseldorf 2014" (Vokietija), "Sjoen For Alle 2014" (Norvegija), "Bater I Sjoen 2014" (Norvegija), "Hamburg International Boat Show 2014" (Vokietija), "Boot Dusseldorf 2015" (Vokietija), Sjoen for Alle 2015 (Norvegija) ir Bater I Sjoen 2015 (Norvegija).
UAB „MAREX BOATS“ pristatymas užsienyje vykstančiose parodose - tai viena iš veiksmingiausių rinkodaros priemonių, turinti tiesioginės įtakos įmonės apyvartos ir eksporto didėjimui. Projekto įgyvendinimo metu užmegzti nauji bei sustiprinti seni verslo ryšiai padės įsitvirtinti naujose ir dar labiau sustiprinti savo pozicijas jau įsisavintose eksporto rinkose, todėl po projekto įgyvendinimo tikimasi ženkliai padidinti įmonės apyvartos ir eksporto rodiklius, taip prisidedant prie įmonės veiklos rezultatų gerėjimo bei bendro šalies eksporto rodiklio didėjimo. Atsižvelgiant į teigiamus lūkesčius, įmonė ir po projekto įgyvendinimo planuoja dalyvauti užsienyje vykstančiose parodose, siekiant dar labiau didinti įmonės eksporto potencialą.

Projekto vertė 72.404,43 eurai, finansavimo intensyvumas - 60 proc. projekto vertės.

“MAREX Boats”, UAB
Tel. +370 37 261500
Fax +370 37 261700
E-mail office@marex.lt

Successful implementation of UAB MAREX BOATS export development project

Successful implementation of UAB MAREX BOATS export development project
In September 2015 UAB MAREX BOATS successfully implemented the project “Increasing export potential of UAB MAREX BOATS”. The project was funded by the European Regional Development Fund.
UAB MAREX BOATS is famous for its achievements in making ships and manufacturing excellence at a competitive price. In 2013 this company has been awarded at the exhibition in Düsseldorf (Germany), where their boat Aft Cabin Cruiser 320 has deserved the name of the European motor ship.
Recently, the company invests a lot of resources in export development. One of the main export-promoting measures is participation in foreign exhibitions. In implementing the project, the company has successfully participated in seven in some of the most famous foreign exhibitions in the industry: Boot Dusseldorf 2014 (Germany), Sjoen For Alle 2014 (Norway), Bater I Sjoen 2014 (Norway), Hamburg International Boat Show 2014 (Germany), Boot Dusseldorf 2015 (Germany), Sjoen for Alle 2015 (Norway) and Bater I Sjoen 2015 (Norway).
UAB MAREX BOATS presentation at exhibitions abroad is one of the most effective marketing tools, having a direct impact on the growth of turnover and export. Building new relations and strengthening old business relations during the project implementation will help the company to gain foot in new markets and strengthen positions in the current export markets, therefore, the project implementation should significantly increase the company\'s turnover and export indicators, contributing to the company\'s performance improvement and in the country\'s export rates. Given the positive expectations, after the project implementation the company plans to participate in various foreign exhibitions in order to further expand its export potential.

The project value is EUR 72,404.43, funding intensity – 60 per cent of the project value.

Tel. +370 37 261500
Fax +370 37 261700
E-mail office@marex.lt

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